Milestone: Over 1 Million visits to Hondon Villas!

We are very pleased to announce that the Hondon Villas main website [] tipped well over the ONE MILLION visitor mark over the festive period. Now that’s a milestone to be proud of.

Property website gets a mmillion page visits…and that’s not counting the 10,000’s of page counts we get every month from our sister websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google and advertising portals such as Zoopla, Rightmove, Kyero, Prime Location and many more.

If you follow our success you’ll know that we dominate the search engines for Hondon property related searches on the web. Google, Bing and Yahoo rank our sites highly which in turn leads to more target visitors to our websites than any other local agent.

Now that’s good for business and helps us get more leads and property sales in the Hondon Valley area and beyond for our buyers.

Maureen (owner of Hondon Villas) says:
We registered our first dedicated Hondon based property domain in 2007. There were no experienced Real Estate agents in Hondon at that time as the property bubble had burst. Before that the emphasis was on Inspection Trips for new builds. I was selling plenty of new houses on the coast but realised we would soon need a property service in Hondon as there was an untapped market for resale property.”

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“Then we had the crash of 2008. It was difficult market and many agents, builders and developers went bust. But that also meant a new opportunity to sweep up should the market pick-up. Clearly those Hondon new builds would come on stream as the foreign investors decided to relocate or go back to their native country. And the markets for Belgium, Holland and France looked good.”

“It was slow but we stuck at it and built slowly as the market picked up. We changed a lot of things and ramped up the on-line effort and marketing. So to get the one million milestone from such a slow start is so pleasing and testament to our service standards, on-line strategy and local networking activity. Yes it’s very pleasing to know our hard work is paying off now.

You can call Hondon Villas or visit our websites for information on property buy, sell or rent. Our main office is in the main Frailes Plaza… we look forward to seeing you and another million site hits!