Hondón Property Market & Prices – Post Covid19

Many property buyers and sellers and the general economic “experts” have been asking will the current Covid-19 crisis adversely affect the Spanish property market and house prices?

Well the short answer is YES the market will change, it already has, but of course we are entering a “new normal” right now so predictions can be wild. After all we have a moving target. What about the Hondón area? Please read this to find out more…

Hondon known for it's luxury villas

At Hondón Villas we endeavour to keep abreast of the Spanish property market & house prices. It’s helpful to be able to advise our clients. The data and reports we look at are varied and from quite a few sources, such as property portals and official government stats. These, are of course, a few months retrospective, usually quoted as annually or quarterly. Nonetheless, they are a good indicator.

The Spanish Property Market Late 2019

The market reports surfacing now are for Q4 2019 / earlier this year (pre-Covid-19). They all pretty much show the Spanish property market had a positive line with overall, an average 3~5% increase in property prices across the country. Here are a few highlights.
(c/o Spanish Property Insight).

  • Kyero.com says Spanish house prices are down for Q1 2020 already. They report the average price of a Spanish property is €249k, down from a figure around €270k at the end of last year. That’s nearly an 8% reduction. We can’t attribute this wholly to the current pandemic though.
  • The Ministry of Public Works (Fomento) +2.1% in the last quarter (Q4), based on official valuations
  • The National Institute of Statistics (INE) index +3.6% in Q4, based on data from the Land Registry
  • The Spanish Land Registrars’ Association +7.2% in Q4, using their ‘repeat sale’ methodology
  • The Association of Spanish Notaries index +0.5%% in February 2020
  • The Idealista.com (property portal) resale asking price index +3.2% in March
  • Two thirds of property for sale in Spain are apartments. Most Spaniards live in flats.

So the 2019 Spanish property market was jogging along OK, but was also showing a slow decline. We at Hondon Villas thought 2019 was a good year locally for us, despite the BREXIT uncertainty. Our key buyers are from the UK, Netherlands and Belgium. All the nationalities seem keen to come to live in our areas. The Hondon area community is about 50/50 locals and Expats. So a few reasons to be buoyant for the local property market but maybe not over-excited given Covid-19 has affected all these key countries.

Where are we in 2020?

Luxury Villas in  La Montanose Urb. Hondon.

We think there will be very little house price data to publish for Q2 2020 now the market is at a standstill. It could be 6 months before we can see how Covid-19 truly affects property prices.

SPI (Spanish Property Insight) did a recent survey of its readers: Foreign investors expect Spanish house prices, in particular holiday-home prices, to fall by 10% or more.

The Hondon Valley, an Established Buyer’s Market

Of course, country & regional property trends factor in the price indicators of cities and towns and the general Spanish buyer’s/seller’s habits. So these reports can be wide indicators as they DON’T focus on local markets like Hondón. For that we rely on our own sales / listings, monitoring other local agents, enquiries and of course the client’s negotiations as they buy or sell. After 15 years in the area we have a good handle on this.

The Hondon Valley property market, since the 2008 crash, has been a buyer’s market. Very few sellers get their asking price and a buyer inevitably makes a lower offer. The prospect these days are wiser to the market.

For non-Euro nationals, like the Brits, the currency exchange rate can also influence property prices. But, prices (as well as supply & demand), give or take 5%, have remained fairly stable over the last 5 years in this area.

Visit Hondon de los Frailes

It’s worth bearing in mind also that the Hondón Valley property market is established and mature now, with the boom being 15 years ago. This makes it much more transient as Expats move to other parts of Spain, downsize or return to their native countries. Of course migration to & from the area is mainly retired northern Europeans. The local economy is reliant on seasonal agriculture with little in terms of work prospects. There is less reliance on employment or growth. Therefore, resale property account for more of our business than new build and mostly represent better value.

Concern after the long Pandemic Lockdown in Spain

Of course, now the dreaded COVID-19 crisis has temporarily stopped the real estate market for a while. Agents in the Hondon / Alicante region have not been able to conduct house viewings for safety reasons. This should change soon, as we write, Spain is phasing in de-escalation of the severe and long 3 month Covis-19 Lockdown here.

This is a big concern for all parties involved, in what is a key sector of the Spanish economy. Covid-19 has also affected, globally, people’s confidence in life-changing choices, their health and their wealth. Europe, particularly Spain, has had some severe lockdowns, no travel in/out of the country & between regions. Tourism has suffered and has shown depressing stats for coronavirus infections and deaths (about 35,000 deaths at time of writing). External factors and how other countries handle the crisis in health and economy is also likely to affect international real estate markets.

All the above post Covid-19 problems are a worrying mix that will influence the Spanish property market supply & demand and so with it the price negotiations.

Post Covid-19 Changes: A Moving Target

We have no crystal ball on how Covid-19 might adversely affect prices, supply and demand. It’s a moving target. We are, as we write, still on Phase 0 of lockdown in the Hondón Valley. Many say there will be a second Covis-19 spike! But early feedback from clients during this time suggests we can be at least optimistic there will be a local market as we have had enquiries to view and to sell during the lockdown. No-one as yet as taken their house off the market because of COVID-19.

But to what extent the market will change, for now, we are unsure. But many retired Expats will want to return to their home countries for health / family reasons which means new houses coming onto the market. We repeat that our key market is the retired, cash-rich couples still looking for “a place in the sun“. These buyers still exist and are looking for value for money away from the crowded tourist traps.

Also, before Covid-19 we got indication that many Brits in particular wanted to get out of the UK, post Brexit vote. And of course Hondón still offers quality villas & value for money compared to many other northern EU countries.

How will Covid-19 affect the Hondon Property Market?

So, overall, as it stands now, we think there will still be a market worth pursuing in 2020, albeit slower, In general:
– The market will be more competitive as supply will outweigh demand
We think prices will decline a few % points in 2020 if the crisis continues until late summer or beyond. Certainly buyers will make offers well below the asking price
– It is and will still be a buyer’s market in the Hondón areas for some time
– Seller’s may find they have to realistically price to sell if they want to sell quickly
– Agents will have to offer better value or improve services to gain a competitive edge
Agent reputation is key in small areas like the Hondon Valley. Agents have shown in the past that they will “steal” clients or use pressure in a competitive market. A bad move or greedy agent will soon find their name is mud in the local bars / social media.
Continued crisis restrictions on air travel, higher travel prices, accommodation costs and a decline in tourism in Spain has and will continue to dent the market potential for international property buyers in 2020.
– The Hondón property market relies on mainly European buyers. Any airport restrictions, curtailed schedules, quarantine measures or steep price increases in flights will slow the market down. If so, they’ll be less demand for 2020.
– The UK BREXIT plans seem to be on hold amid COvid-19 and may well be delayed if the Coronavirus crisis drains UK resources and effort. Right now it’s an unknown. Uncertainty usually dents a housing market.
– UK buyers and sellers will want more certainty before they make relocation or property plans. Again this could slow the market down.

We won the Business of the Year!

So on the surface it might look doom & gloom. However, once the crisis is over we think Hondon will recover as a micro-market due to the demographic being mainly retired, cash-rich, mobile and time independent. Many here are rarely in a rush to leave and so have flexible plans in terms of price & timescales. Some play a waiting game or have room to move on price and completion.

We know from experience that new buyers also looking to retire here tend to move quickly on a house they like and can complete quickly. As cash buyers, we find houses are bought outright, such is the value of property here compared to Northern Europe. Rarely are mortgages or chains involved. House Sales can be done in 6 weeks, sometimes less.

Providing all parties realise the market is what it is right now and can find an agreeable price we think there the future will be OK, not fantastic for a while, but OK. We think some sellers and buyers need to be realistic and respectful of the current situation as many long term property owners have had to endure a stormy EU market for 10+ years where most, if not all property here has dropped 30-40% in price over that time. It’s been picking up for the last few years but Covid-19 has may well have undone all that.

Hondon is an established market now. The villas are large and usually excellent value. It’s on many Agent’s radar now, there are collaborations, publicity, it’s a summer holiday destination too now… In general it is very buoyant for an inland rural area.

We can also say that the Hondon Valley area is still a sought-after retirement niche for inland property. The sprawling and quality built Urb. La Montanosa is still very popular with foreigners looking for decent sized villas with pools.

So the Hondón property market kind of ticks over rather than shows growth, as there is no substantial new build or major business opportunities at the moment. Friends and relatives of foreign residents see this, the “real Spain” community, they see the value-for-money and look to buy also.

AIPP Member for 5 years

So we have to be optimistic, it’s our job, but of course, we can only speculate and time is our answer. Maybe you disagree? Let us know.

If you need advice or help with property sales in our area just contact us. We are always happy to assist. You can call, email, Whatsapp, Facebook or best of all walk into our high street office in Hondón de los Frailes – Contact details here >

Hondon Villas. Consultants to A Place In The Sun.

Nearby Towns & Villages, Hondon Valley Areas

This map shows the main local towns and villages in which Hondon Villas SL operate. The Hondón Valley is about 30 minutes inland from Alicante Airport.

Our office is situated in the main square of Hondon de los Frailes at Calle Juan Carlos #24 (near the corner restaurant & opposite the Town Hall).

NOTES: Click/Pinch/Mouse to Zoom or view Pin Locations… Google Maps may identify Hondón de las Nieves in it’s old name of “El Fondo de la Neus”.

VIEW SPANISH PROPERTY HERE: We have villas, homes, apartments and fincas for sale in the following Spanish towns and villages: | Abanilla | Albatera | Alenda Golf | Alguena | Alicante | Aspe | Barbarroja | Barinas | Benferri | Canada del la Lena | Canada del Trigo | Crevillente | El Canton | Elche | Fortuna | Hondon de las Nieves | Hondon de los Frailes | La Canalosa | La Matanza | La Romana | Macisvenda | Monforte del Cid | Monovar | Novelda | Pinoso | Salinas | Sax | We are in the Hondon Valley. Spanish Property Agent. Looking for Hondon Villas in Dutch / Nederlands?

And nearby is ….

  • Nearest city is Elche, “the city of palms” and well worth a visit
  • Alicante Airport (30minutes) | Murcia San Javea Airport – 55 minutes
  • Health Clinics and Hospitals in Aspe, Novelda, Elda and Alicante
  • Private Doctors nearby
  • l’Aljub retail malls, food halls and entertainment in Elche (20 minutes)
  • El Corte Ingles (department store) in Elche and Alicante
  • Leisure Centres in Aspe and Hondon de las Nieves
  • Sports gym and fitness groups in Frailes
  • Supermarkets in Nieves, Aspe, Albatera, Elche, Crevillente
  • Cinema & Theatre in Elche
  • Open air markets in abundance – local ones are on Weds & Saturday
  • Coast and Beach 25/30 minutes

Bars / Restaurants in/near Hondon de los Frailes

Novelda Magdalena Church
Novelda Church
  • Veintiocho 28 Restaurant : Plaza, Hondon de los Frailes – Restaurant and bar, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner most days
  • La Buena Vida : International Cuisine Restaurant in Hondon de los Frailes Plaza
  • Bar Caramel : Bar, snacks and music (main road Frailes)
  • Infinity: Restaurant. Avenida Constitucion #8, Hondon de los Frailes
  • El Nuevo Valle : Frailes Plaza, Sports TV bar, lunch, dinner, pizza, snacks
  • Tipsy Terrace : Bar, snacks and meals. Open everyday.
  • Bar Pepin : Frailes, Main road. daily food, drinks, bingo and quiz
  • Punjabi Virsa : Frailes Plaza. Sit-in or takeaway curries and Asian cuisine
  • El Fogon : Barbarroja Bar, restaurant, events and music venue. Private parties catered for
  • Finca El Romana : Barbarroja based restaurant, bar and guest house

Bars / Restaurants in/near Hondon de las Nieves

  • La Finca Montanosa : Hotel and restaurant, on the Hondon urbanization
  • Bocadito Gourmet Restaurant: Spanish menu – Nieves Plaza
  • Texas Ranch : Americana – Nieves Plaza
  • La Font : Nieves Plaza (near the fountain
  • Bombay Indian Restaurant : Nieves Plaza
  • Central Bar : Nieves Plaza bar, restaurant, BBQ, cafe, music and quiz
  • Bodegas Cerda : Wine merchant in Nieves, museum and tasting groups
  • Solo Hazlo : Bar Restaurant in Hondon de las Nieves Plaza
  • Restaurante Polideportivo : Fish restaurant next to the sport centre, Nieves

Ethnographic Museum coming to Hondón Nieves

Hondón de las Nieves completes the remodelling works of its Ethnographic Museum
C2020 Article : https://www.diarioinformacion.com/

The local town hall has invested 400,000 euros in the project between the acquisition of the property and the subsequent adaptation of the facilities to showcase local culture and customs. No completion date is given as yet.
reports Èlia Armero 02/15/2020 | 22:26

c2020 Image c/o Diario Información

Acquisition and Costs: The historian Ramón Santonja who is supervising the projecy says the reformed building will house the new cultural space of the area and was acquired by the Hondón de las Nieves Council a few years ago for an amount of about 200,000 euros. Along with the purchase of the main property, an exterior space annexed to the building was also obtained. In total, the budget dedicated to this project, between the purchase and the renovation works, amounts to more than 400,000 euros.

This large estate is located on Calle San José, in the Rabal area, and is dated from the 1950s. It was an old winery and oil mill that had been closed for many years. With regard to the terraces attached to the building, it should be noted that “it has been used to carry out various events, such as the Fondó Verd, an ecological fair and a children’s cinema. Also, part of that space is already being used as an urban garden.

Work in Progress: The restoration work of this future Museum began “by cleaning the interior and maintaining the original parts of the winery and the oil mill that was inside and that, to this day, remain.” The intention is “to reuse the maximum architectural elements of the original construction,” says Santonja, thus retaining some of it’s original character.

Also, “the roof has been changed and the upper part of the walls have also been reinforced because they were badly deteriorated, as well as the wooden beams, which have all been changed”, so the roof “is completely new.” However, “there are still a few months of work” and, at the moment, there is no date for its inauguration yet A building that will house the history, archaeology, historical and anthropological heritage related to Hondón de las Nieves.

Ethnographic: adjective: ethnographic, ethnographical
Relating to the scientific description of local peoples and cultures with their customs, habits, and mutual differences.

Wot!? Are Drones allowed over Hondon?

Drone flying in the sunset

March 2020: Aerial photographs and videos are all the rage in Real Estate. These are usually taken with a drone (a remote controlled quad-copter) fitted with a camera. The drone is operated by a Drone Pilot within a few metres of the target property. They can show the property and its gardens or land in new exciting ways. Some are stunning when seen from the skies. Alas, there are also down sides and legal requirements when using drones for commercial purposes.

2021 Edit: As of December 31, 2020, the European UAS regulations now apply. All drone users have to register themselves and their drone before using + take training + a test. This rule affects all drones regardless of their use or size in Spain. You can find detailed information on these new rules here .

Hondon Villas rarely did/do drone videos. We have not offered drone videos on property since 2019. When we asked about the legalities of using our own drone, we were told by law enforcement to stop using drones or risk a fine until we could completely comply with the 2017 Spanish Law on RPAS devices (drones) and adhere to the Controlled Airspace rules for our area.

Also after the initial excitement, we were finding drones cumbersome to do, time consuming to edit, an added expense & a workflow headache on top of doing the usual DSLR video and photograph production for a typical Hondon property. In practise it would mean the sales agent going around to see the client, then a photographer/videographer and then a drone pilot… sometimes three visits if they could not all go together. And then of course if the client called other agents to list their house the visit count / inconvenience multiplied.

More recently though, the latest Spanish drone laws now come with massive fines for improper use. Fines that could ruin a business. Costly official training is needed to. This and the cost per flight commission finally poured water on any future strategy on using drones for real estate for each property we market.

In short we are not offering aerial productions in general right now. We may do in the future for properties that deserve to be shown off from the air but with due consideration to the cost and for the current laws. Other agents are still using them, some systematically and illegally. But maybe they should re-consider. Why? … first the history.

Spot the trend…

Hondón Villas were the first agents locally to employ a drone pilot 3.5 years ago as a test-bed for the future. Miguel was from Aspe and had qualified as a Drone Pilot with his license & training at an Alicante school approved by AESA. He had experience, full liability insurance and the best drone on the market at the time. He took care of the legal side and all clients gave us permission to film over their property.

We video tested a few select properties in the Hondon Valley but outside the nearby Alicante flight path to be safe. The clients loved them, we loved them and it all looked good. However as a new service, each raw video cost about €100 to commission. This price bumped up the cost of marketing a property. No drone videos can guarantee a house sale so we used them on our exclusive listings only to get more value from this price. But it needed some thought and assessment time before we stumped up more investment and pulled the trigger on this new tech’ full time.

Potential or Expensive Risk?

Drone image over real estate

Even before that, we had an eye for the new technology but pro’ quality drones were then very expensive, bulky and the rules surrounding them confusing and strict. We blogged about it at the time. We sought advice from a lawyer who advised it would be unwise to use a drone for business as Spanish law was not fully formed then. So despite their excellent potential, ease of use and the stunning videos we saw, we decided then not to bother with drone video on the grounds of expense, the infancy in the technology, lack of support from manufacturers and the privacy / safety of people or buildings.

The Must-Have Bandwagon

But they became hard to ignore, as new drones improved, got cheaper and more accessible to small businesses and enthusiasts. Many estate agents were using them regardless of rules and some customers were asking for the service. By now they were then being used in top ranking films and TV documentaries. Drone cameras improved and could now shoot in high resolution 4K (broadcast quality) and in so doing, creating new markets and new uses. They were becoming affordable and Real Estate was a good match for this aerial view technology.

Growth meant more legal obligations & regulations

However, back in 2017 as drone sales grew, Spain had to introduce very strict “emergency” legislation on the use of drones as their government was politically fragmented and in the throws of cross-party unrest. It was easier for them to ignore the potential of drones and so make them hard to use with life-changing fines if misused.

This thwarted commercial markets and made Spain an outcast in European Drone use. It also meant many people ignored the rules and added to the danger of the skies. Since then the drone industry and their use in Real Estate is smoother and now established to high degree across the globe. Spain has embraced them too for public services like the police or traffic control.

For the latest news and rules on drone flying in Spain … see the EASA / AESA Page:
> https://www.seguridadaerea.gob.es/es/ambitos/drones

We took training and obtained a RPAS drone licence via the Civil Aviation Authority (UK) in the belief that it would be valid in Europe / Spain but were subsequently told Spain would not recognise a UK drone license and to do so would need to be tested by EU law !!! Hardly a level EU playing field then? But rightly so, we do have drone rules, guidelines and laws on drone use to stop a dangerous free-for-all in the skies. However, a drone pilot in Spain (as of writing, we understand) needs AESA approved training and tests / flight permissions submitted in Spanish.

Certificates to fly drones CAA (UK)
Training Certs Date: 2017

Law and guideline changes again… and again!

Good news cometh: In 2020 the Spanish drone laws became more relaxed and a “Drone Code” created. Commercial users still need a certified course, license, etc and these new laws were still a stricter than other EU members. So this fragmented approach across the Union resulted in a push by the EU to have a common framework of Europe-wide rules that each member country can use as the basis of their drone laws.

Up-to-date: A new EU / EASA set of regulatory framework for drone usage is meant to be introduced soon in 2021 (if Covid doesn’t delay them). If they are, then in theory any EU based Drone Pilot can fly his/her drone legally in any member state with the same (or very similar) qualifications. At the moment (2020) you might be an accredited drone pilot in Denmark but not in France as laws differ. The new EU-wide idea sounds great but we are not there yet! Also it is said that existing pilot may still need to retake a test. If a pilot is not registered yet then they WILL have to get qualified at their own cost. It is also unclear if a UK based pilot will need to retest in the EU after BREXIT. We await this new evolution and rollout.

Strict Rules on Commercial Use

Our research showed us that since 2017 the Spanish Laws are very clear about who can fly a drone for commercial purposes (business / for profit use) and that of a hobby pilot. As we understand it, the latest laws on drones 2020 for commercial use specify drone size /weight limits, official AESA approved training including flight maps, airspace zones, need insurance, registration plates, a medical certificate (i.e you are fit to fly a craft), operational manuals and standards on skyward height restrictions and line-of-sight distances from pilot to drone. They also state skies where drones are not allowed to fly or need Traffic Control permission, like Alicante flight paths, natural parks, airports, prisons, urbanisations, beaches, the privacy of people. The weather has to be taken into account as does any unusual 3rd party flights at the time known as NOTAMs … and indeed most of the this and the Op’s Manual has to be done in Spanish. The courses / tests are usually in Spanish too.

(As of writing 2020) It is required that all commercial pilots train for their license with at least a week of hours for study at an approved school, show competence in practical flight tests and pass a multi-choice questionnaire on their studies. Each drone has to have a fire-proof plate of their pilot reg’ number attached to the drone.

Safety and Privacy

As you can see the rules and laws are quite prohibitive / awkward but necessary for safety and privacy. They may seem to be overkill in such a quiet rural area as the Hondon Valley but we are in a fly zone. We also appreciate people’s right to a safe and private sky and that pilots should be covered by insurance and follow the rules. Alas, we have been warned the law is the law and ignorance is no defence!

But, after due consideration & research, we decided that the fines are not worth it doing this illegally or bypassing some of the fly zone requirements. Nor would it look good for our reputation as an AIPP Real Estate member.

There is no hard evidence as yet that drone footage helps to sell more houses anyway. They help filter the buyer’s choice either way. E.G. Seeing the local area could put people off or conversely attract them. This can lead to selective editing by the estate agent (i.e. miss out the scruffy dog kennels to the west side !!). Drones can used for the sake of it too. As a tool they can be used to show the good, bad and the ugly. Agents want to show the good of course.

So we are always considering the future on using drones or new tech at Hondon Villas and watching the industry closely. For sure though, as we write, very few local pilots /agents have the above accreditations, get permission to fly and disregard for the law. We could not fnd any local agents on the AESA Pilot’s register either as at the time of writing. Most likely they are all flying illegally.

For the latest news and rules on drone flying in Spain … see the EASA / AESA Page:
> https://www.seguridadaerea.gob.es/es/ambitos/drones

*AESA: The Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency is the national aviation authority for Spain. The agency is based in Madrid, where it currently occupies offices in the AZCA district, pending the refurbishment of a building on the Paseo de la Castellana.

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La Mantanza Country Villa, Costa Blanca South

Ref: #906. La Mantanza, Costa Blanca South

A unique property for sale. 4 bedroom villa surrounded by lemon and orange groves, swimming pool, established garden, parking, storage, roof terrace, courtyard and terraces. This property is a chance for a rural lifestyle in a peaceful setting. Excellent views of the mountains but close and a short drive to the local town shops or the large mall in Murcia via the E15 motorway.

Possible business opportunity as a cattery or kennels.

KEY POINTS: Large Detached Finca – 4 bedrooms – Ensuite – Great rural quiet Location – Breathtaking Mountain Views – Surrounded by Lemons & Oranges – Private Pool – Fitted Kitchen – Lounge – Dining Room – TV Room – Naya – Solarium – Outdoor BBQ and Dining Area – Plenty of Parking – Dog Kennels Wooden Storage Shed – Possible Cattery / Kennel Business – Close to Town shops – Needs some small repairs and freshening up. Blissful!

CONTACT: property @ hondonvillas.net or OFFICE TEL: (0034) 965 075 357

Finca #La Mantanza #Country House #Hondon de los Frailes #Honodn de las Nieves #Alicante #Orihuela #Costa Blanca Villas #Hondon Valley #Hondon Villas #Dream Home #Spanish Property #For Sale #Se Vende #Casa #Te Koop #Hondon Vallei #Makelaar #Spanje #Spaans Vastgoed #Huizen

“Spaceship” property seen in the Hondon Valley!

If you live in or have recently visited the Hondon Valley then you will have spotted the “Spaceship” house nestled in the pine forest towards and at the back of the La Montanosa Urb. (See the video below) in the Hondón Valley.

See it here > https://www.hondonvillas.net/property-details.php?pRef=689

Well we recently had exclusive access to take new images and video of the property. ( visit our website to see the results : https://www.hondonvillas.net/property-details.php?pRef=689 ). The house was built around 2015 by a local sailor as an “eco” project and the design and construction has won an award.

Still unfinished it now needs a new owner to complete the interior and landscaping. The house has 3 bedrooms, all with ensuite showers, an indoor and outdoor pool and spectacular 360 views of the Hondon Valley.

The 450 m2 living space is over three floors: ground houses the entrance, garage and storage + the indoor pool … 1st floor is the main living areas such as lounge, dining, kitchen and bedrooms and the top floor is a circular leisure area with large solarium and viewing portal.

A truly amazing building but an acquired taste for the right person who wants something unique, quirky, tranquil and offers an abundance of building and design options over it’s 59K m2 plot.

The "Spaceship" house in Hondon

La Canalosa Cave House, an Amazing Conversion!

#864: La Canalosa Cave House Conversion with 5 bedrooms & outdoor pool. : Guide Price €224,950
This well maintained cave house NEEDS to be seen to be fully appreciated … When you enter this completely renovated and modernised cave house you can see the owners worked heart and soul to make a near derelict dwelling into a 5 bedroom home, all to a very high standard.

KEY POINTS: 200m2 Living Area • 8000m2 Plot • Restored to an Excellent Standard • Stunning Cave House • 5 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms ( family bathroom the master bedroom) • Stunning Views • Tranquil Location • Spacious Lounge • Fully Fitted and Large Kitchen • Dining Room • Terraces • Large Private Pool • Double Garage with Electric Doors + Outdoor Parking • BBQ with Outdoor Kitchen • Wood Burning Fireplace • Easy Maintenance Gardens • Furnished • Some Original Features • Lots of Land

VIEW MORE HONDON VILLAS HERE: https://www.hondonvillas.net/

CONTACT: property @ hondonvillas.net or
OFFICE TEL: (0034) 965 075 357
Calle Juan Carlos I #24,
Plaza Central
Hondon de los Frailes.
Alicante Region
03689, España (Spain)

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