Our Four-legged Friends in Hondón

She was an active little thing black and white with brown markings. After the loss of one of our family the need for the remaining little male to have company to help with his mourning was real.

Hondon Valley Animal Charities

The steel mesh cages at the home where the strays are housed had about twelve dancing and excited faces running around which came to a stop as we appeared. They clambered over each other to get to the wire, each trying to be the nearest to us, all with sparkling eyes a yapping tongue with tails a wagging.

We were visiting ‘Hovar’ (Hondon Valley Animal Rescue) situated between the two villages of Hondon de los Frailes and Hondon de las Nieves, who, similar to Barkingside rescue abandoned animals and find new homes for them.

We now had a problem … what one to choose? The long-haired ones, sausage type dogs, skinny ones and the opposites all pleading in their own way to be chosen. They were all excited to see us which made us feel sad as we could only take one of them.

There was a little female Jack Russel smarter than the others, she stood on the outside of the crowd quite still and when she knew she had our attention her little face lit up, giving a short bark, turning around and running a little way up the enclosure, turned again and gave another little bark as if she was talking to us and wanted to play.

She was now certain she had our attention and went into a kennel and disappeared. We felt a little disappointed because in our hearts she was exactly what we were looking for and now she had gone. Then her little face appeared around the corner of the opening and looking straight at my wife Jean, as if speaking to her gave a couple of sharp yelps before disappearing again, only to quickly reappear and repeat the process.

Meg had chosen us, joining our family that day and has become a lovely little friend. Like a child she loves company and cuddles and always knows how to get her own way with looks and sulks and different attitudes of expressing herself sometimes with a low woof.

Seven years on and we still do not know how old she is as it was not known when she came into our lives. She understands our way of living and has become very protective of her home and us, in doing so she has developed into a beautiful lovely dear old friend, who sits near and follows us everywhere.

Would you like to help our local Animals?
The Hondon Valley has numerous animal charities always in need of volunteers or donations. They work 24/7 all year, so if you can help you’ll find them on Facebook, or just search Google or Facebook for “Hondon”. Thank you.

Copyright 2020. This article was kindly written for Hondon Villas and the Hondón Community by Percy Chattey, a member of the local Hondon Writing Circle .

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