Spanish Property Growth: Up & Away!

Interesting fact from the Place in the Sun Live 2018
88% of people attending this premier exhibition only started their property search after the 2016 EU Referendum “Brexit”.

Spanish Property Market

Whilst nowhere near the crazy days of the Spanish Property Boom .. the indicators are that Spain is still popular with UK property buyers’, even post-Brexit.

From Hondón Villas view point, apart from a two months post Brexit scaremongering, the local market is as strong if not better.

  • The AIPP have reported:
    A strong recovery in 2017 with sales of about 15,000 Spanish properties sold to the British.
  • British buyer market worth £2.8 billion a year to Spain
  • Brits are back with better Q1 2018 sales,14% higher than Q1 2017.
  • Brits are now paying an average €1,628 per square metre in Spain – the highest rate since early 2013.
    (Source: Spanish Notary Records)

Also sales of Spanish property to British residents appearing to have come at the expense of other countries, like Turkey and those in North Africa, also indicating that many British people are bringing-forward their purchase before Brexit, 2019, in order to (perhaps) secure greater property rights in those countries.

And the indicators are growth this year 2018 and beyond if EU / World Trade has the same stability.