Summer Fiestas 2016

Spain is renowned for it’s colourful and lively festivals all-year-round. But summer is the best time to see and enjoy what the Spaniards do best … PARTY!!

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Of course the Hondon Valley and its surrounding areas are no exception to fiesta culture and have an array of activities across the arts, music, drama, markets, crafts and events. Of course there are usually fireworks involved in the evening to end with a bang! But to be honest they are merely a starter gun for more partying under the warm evening stars… yes don’t expect to get in from a night Fiesta until at least 3am!  TIP: Always get there early if you want a seat as they get real busy and the atmosphere is great. You’ll soon see how a sleepy country Spanish village can come alive!

Fiestas Correfocs 2016. Hondon de las Nieves
Fiestas Correfocs 2016. Hondon de las Nieves

So Hondon de las Nieves ( July/August ) has many fiesta events but is best known for it’s love of the Medieval Market followed by the Correfocs (Fire Runners). The latter being a crazy mix of “fire ninjas”, loud music, dancing and teasing everyone with fireworks that ends with a grand finale on the main plaza stage. It’s late, smoky, loud, scary and exciting all at the same time… just forget “health and safety”.  Here is Taimara’s video of the proceedings… it’s mental!  :::

Aspe Medieval Market: (August) is a themed “fairground” market full of stalls, food and drink but the vendors and visitors make efforts to dress in medieval costume. Generally there are games and rides for the children, jesters, minstrels and juggling acts as well as falconry, donkeys and a mayhem of activities. Fireworks usually complete the night. Come from 18 to 21 of August 2016 to the Dr. Calatayud park and live an unforgettable experience

Fiestas Aspe Medieval 2016

And the beloved Hondon de los Frailes Parade and Water/Foam Party is usually at the end of August. The parade sees many of the locals in themed or comedy costumes walking or dancing through the main streets of Frailes. They decorate their vehicle and floats with marching brass bands and drummer groups making all the noise. The rest of the village folk line the streets or bring food to the free tables and cheer and celebrate. Often sweets and nibbles are given out … beware the local “punch” which might be a very alcoholic “knock-out” juice but is probably just a home-made sangria. Lots of fun and usually followed by an international singing band on the large plaza stage. An amazing night that defies a small village like Frailes. And yes it’ll be another late night / early morning finish!

The water/foam fight is an afternoon event and basically a water truck, hose pipes, buckets, bottles and containers are used to throw water at everyone. NO-ONE ESCAPES a soaking! You can bring your soaker-guns and a foam machine will flood the plaza like snow! Children and adults love it all the same. (NOTE: don’t wear anything special that day)


And of course the other local smaller villages don’t forsake their annual fiesta quota. Barbarroja, Macisvenda, La Romana and La Canalosa all step up to the mark.

Further afield of course the bigger towns and cities are incredible such as the Elche Nit De l’alba Fireworks, Alicante’s San Juan Bonfires (the Spanish seem to like fire!) and Novelda has it’s Moors and Christians … there really is so much fun to be had and a great way to see this countries history and traditions, taste their food and party like a Spaniard!