AIPP Membership because Standards Matter

We practise the AIPP StandardsHondón Villas were the first AIPP registered ESTATE AGENT in the HONDON VALLEY! Joining the AIPP pledges our commitment to uphold professional values, helps attract more discerning clients and networking with like-minded business partners.

The AIPP (Assoc’ of International Property Professionals) is an independent. non-profit making industry body aiming to improve the sales and purchase of property and real estate services. Membership is fee based to ensure only committed parties apply and to pay for the extensive features and benefits the AIPP offer.

Their website is here . They are also on Facebook and have a regular blog. They are active all year round to protect the consumer and help advise the industry (Agents, Developers, Lawyers, Media, Financial Services) to an better international property transaction and service level.

Buyng in Spain? A Free Guide from the AIPOBuying in Spain? Get a FREE BUYER’S GUIDE from the AIPP sister organisation… it’s a great place to start.

Hondón Villas have been verified members of this organisation for 4 years. In a nutshell they help promote and improve the real estate services required by overseas property providers, buyers and sellers. They publish a code of conduct on their site. Anyone can read about it and indeed complain if the conduct is poor. The AIPP will investigate and in worse cases can revoke someone’s membership.

Here is a networking video of the AIPP during a recent “Place in the Sun” exhibition in London. Yep the AIPP is alive and kicking and it’s members are an enthusiastic lot…

Hondón Villas gained membership (here is our AIPP page) for a few reasons and benefits. Firstly it’s what we strive for anyway : “professionalism” and to ensure the consumer gets a good reliable and honest service. In fact we strive to go beyond the AIPP guidelines. Also the AIPP are independent and non-profit making. Being independent helps protect both sides of the property process.

They run a tight ship in London HQ, publish guides and organise international networking events. They publish accounts and expenses for members to scrutinise. The AIPP are helpful in disputes and advice to all parties. They have legal eagles if we need them and are an established and respected organisation since 2006.

We benefit from that badge and membership. The fee is well worth the benefits and helps pay for the dedicated staff, work, materials and volunteers involved. An international organisation with over 350 members is not run on a shoe string and has to be paid for. Hondón Villas and many other agents are happy to invest the joining fee as a measure of our commitment to service quality and to show you the consumer we care about the service we provide.

The AIPP website has a list of members and openly publishes it’s policies. If you care about service and want to know what an agent should be doing for you then be our guest…. check out the AIPP against any other badge an agent might be wearing. You’ll find they cannot match up to the AIPP standards, materials, system and work ethic. Believe us, we checked already.

> to learn more and to check our membership status.