Mini Property Boom in the Hondon Valley, Spain

Psssttt !!! … pass it on…
It’s busy in the Hondon Valley property market right now. Like there is a pent-up demand after the slings and arrows of Covid-19. Thankfully! But we had a good inkling anyway with so many lockdown enquiries along the lines of “as soon as we can we’ll be over”. We’ve had to do ;live walk-through videos, “blind” buying, whistlestop in/out fly ins and more as the property market adapted to Covid life !

These last 4/5 months have shown 100% that so many people want their dream life in the sun, and many have heard the Hondon Valley has a lot to offer. The buyers are coming back !!!

So if you want to sell while this mini-boom is on… get listed with Hondon Villas, 15 years in this glorious valley.

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