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Top 100 European Estate AgentsGreat! For the 6th month running Hondon Villas made the “Top 1000 European Estate Agents

As we write we are 229th which considering there are 10’s of thousands of real estate agents across European we are pleased. It’s mainly based on on-line activity, social media and generally making a (nice) nuisance of our selves across the web. Although, the badge says “influential”, that might be going a little far, but it’s always nice to get some recognition!  Here’s a tweet … join us on Twitter @hondonagent

Twitter Hondon Villas

But the main point is that Hondon Villas use the web to present our seller’s properties to potential buyers across many Europe based mediums, portals, blogs and social media ensuring more exposure than our competitors. You know, as we do, that it’s critical as either a buyer or seller of Spanish property in this high tech’ world!

But CRITICALLY, we also know that service and local knowledge is our number one strength. We sell the most houses in the Hondon Area direct through our legally employed agents, our local office in Frailes Plaza and collaborate ONLY through trusted agents. If we don’t work with them they simply are not good enough!

It’s always a good time to remind you that Hondon Villas have over 30+ years in the Real Estate industry, we are AIPP registered (service standards) and promise NEVER to PRESSURE or MISS SELL YOU into buying a property.

The Special Hondon Valley

[Copyright HV2014] The Hondon Valley is a special place to the people who live and holiday here. And it’s not hard to see why… with miles and miles of fertile land growing juicy grapes, tasty almonds, salty olives, spring onions and a mega selection of vegetables and fruit. The locals have relied on the land for their living. And of course many visitors and residents love to drive or walk through the valley and admire the panoramic mountain views. Add to that, the guaranteed 310+ days of glorious sunshine and the combination is a winner!

Grape Bagging in Hondon

Hondon is one of those ‘in-the-know’ secrets that brings a small influx of like-minded people to the area. Those that relish the simple al fresco lifestyle, small typical Spanish villages, the slow pace (no Sunday opening here, thanks) and the friendly community minded culture. It’s a great place to chill. Many foreigners retire here.

The summer is alive in the valley with Fiestas, concerts, special events and markets. The fiestas in particular are legendary. It would be a crime not to attend a few fiestas each year. It’s what makes the Spanish happy and brings out their family and religious values. Every village, town or city in the Hondon area has a program of events throughout the year to bring the community together. I have not tried to, but I suspect it would be possible to attend a fiesta or special event every week of the year over the Costs Blanca if you cared to!

» Check the Euro Tour Guide for this month’s events

Despite its very rural location, the Hondon Valley affords all the amenities you will need within 15 /30 minutes drive. Yes we have the usual village shops, bakers, butchers, wine merchants and supermarkets in the villages you will also find gyms, sports centres, spas, shopping malls, DIY shops, electrical goods, cinema, superstores, football stadiums, bull rings, theme parks, water parks, chocolate factory, riding schools, museums, etc… within easy driving range. You will not miss much here.

A warm welcome from a Hondon Agent

Over the last 10 years the Valencian Government has encouraged foreign investment in property. This is much needed in a region that relies heavily of tourism. This in turn leads to many foreigners, mainly northern Europeans looking for the Spanish sun, living here permanently. Hondon has also been touched by foreign investment. It is said that the area needed this in order to grow and build the mainly farmer / builder community, it’s infrastructure and develop urban land.

So now we have a quite diverse ‘goody bag’ of nationalities in the Hondon Valley… including Brits, Dutch, Belgium, French, Russian, German and Scandinavian… I think I spotted a few Italians and an Australian couple too! All these people came to live because they saw something special. We like to call it peace and quiet (but with a few rowdy nights) but on the whole the life here is pretty stress free, easy and healthy if you care to embrace it. Most do, thankfully.

Yes Spain in these austere times have many problems with funding, unemployment and social unrest but you’d be hard to spot this in the Valley where life here meanders on and lets face it, it’s too hot to be getting upset with things. Just chill on the terrace with your favourite tipple (mine’s a G&T thanks) and listen to the chirp of the birds, the wind swooning through the trees or just be hypnotised by the ‘quiet’. Or go pick a lemon off your own tree or visit the local Taparia …

Smile your in valley. So yes take it easy in the Hondon Valley… it’s not going anywhere fast. What’s the rush? Everyday can be like a holiday if you want it to be … and the washing?  As the Spanish say “Manaña, Manaña”.

Cheers or as they say in this part of the world “Salud”

It’s all about looking after people

Love Hondon! At Hondon Villas it is SO IMPORTANT to treat our clients like our friends, with respect and kindness. After all, buying or selling a home, especially in a foreign land can be and usually is a frightening, stressful and life-changing event. We’ve done it ourselves and we well remember the trial and tribulations of the experience.

Even with so many variables and external forces involved in the Property Chain, it is always nice to know we have helped other people to get where they want to be in most stress-free way possible.

Customer Comments:

Carol Inglis says:The service you give is second to none. You made our dream come true. Thank you.

A recent and very welcome customer comment.
Dear Mo, Thank you very much for all your help and kindness today. Your professional and relaxed, friendly manner made both Mac and I at ease and made the process of looking at homes less stressful. Once again our thanks for your help, we can now go home and know that we have somewhere to live when we come back.::: Regards : Janet & Mac

Of course, one of the nice parts of a difficult job is getting customer praise, small gifts or just a nice “thank you” for our efforts. Ron and Sheila took the time to send a nice card from their new home in the UK after we sold their Hondon home for them which read…

We would like to thank you for all your efforts in selling our property over there [Hondon] in Spain enabling us to buy a property over here [UK]. We wish you well for the future of your business and your healthlots of love, Shelia and Ron xx.”

Hondon Villas are very helpful, professional and always go the extra mile for you. I totally recommend this company. They found us our perfect home and we can’t wait to be living our dream in Hondon de las NievesLen and Anita

Se Vende Boards Go Missing!

Se Vende For SaleDecember 11, 2015
we are appealing for any more witnesses as one of the Hondón Villas team had to recover another one of our “Se Vende” boards from the bins.

A local Hondón resident living on the Urbanisation La Montañosa informed us that they had witnessed another Hondón agent (who was named as Steven from Hondon Valley Homes) and who trades from his home and car on the Urbanisation who was seen at approximately 1.10pm yesterday (10th Dec 2014) and without our consent, “ripping down” our Se Vende advertising board on the gate of a house: Avenida Costa Blanca 7 (which was originally attached by us with the owner’s written permission). This agent’s own for-sale board was left up of course.

[ This continues on our Facebook Page and includes replies from the other agent ]

The agent then placed our board in his white car and was seen to drive in the direction of the Urb’ rubbish bins where our board was dumped in the green bin closest to the road side on the right side entering the Urb’ entrance.

This is NOT the FIRST time our Se Vende boards have disappeared from our listed properties but at least on this occasion we do have one witness to yesterday’s board removal. We are interested to know if anyone else saw either the Hondon Villas Se Vende board (green & blue) being removed or our board been placed in the bin by this person. Or in fact any other sightings of agents taking our boards down.

Hondon Villas seek to continue business in a fair way with local people – it’s the only way. Categorically, we would never take down another agent’s board without express permission and would certainly never bin another agent’s advertising board. It’s unprofessional.

The right, professional and usual method is for the home owner or his/her agent to call, text or email other agents to ask for the board to be taken down. It takes a few minutes!

Please contact Hondon Villas if you have witnessed the above or any other incident that might be seen as bad practise.

Further: we prefer fair competition and will happily deal with trusted partners and can only work with people and businesses who respect others. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

The Hondon Villas Team
Our office is in the Frailes Plaza
• OFICINA: (0034) 965 075 357
• MOVIL +34 622 314 244

Property for Sale in Hondon de las Nieves, Spain

Hondon Villas & Property Sales in the Hondon Valley are happy to present a selection of villas and apartments for sale in Hondon de las Nieves area, including luxury villas on the popular La Montanosa Urb.

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Hondon Valley Property AgentVillas for sale are available from Hondon Villas, your local AIPP REAL ESTATE AGENT. Buy or sell property. Visit our real estate office in the main Plaza, Hondon de los Frailes. We have over 30+ years experience in Real Estate.

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Buy Hondon de las Nieves Spanish property & and homes in the Hondon Valley area.

We have 100’s of villas and apartments in the Hondon de las Nieves area including detached houses and homes in the Hondon Valley. We have resale and new-build villas for sale. We also offer long term Spanish rental property.

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Bodegas Hondón (Wine Merchants in Nieves)

Bodegas Hondón, some of the best wines in the area!
Entering Bodegas Hondón is to immerse yourself in the world of wine. This popular wine maker and seller use traditional centuries-old techniques to produce a local wine that can be shared by all. The locals know this wine well and there’s sure to be a wine to suit your tastes.

Bodegas Hondón brings to the Alicante region a quality wine directly from the barrel to our tables, with natural ingredients and with all its flavour.

The establishment collects grapes and production of prestigious wineries of Hondón de las Nieves, Jumilla, Monovar, La Romana or La Roda. Likewise, Bodegas Hondón has on its shelves a selection of marcs (such as Galicia), liqueurs, wines of denominations of origin of La Rioja, Ribera de Duero or Montilla Moriles, the traditional El Herbero traditional of this province or delicious wine Sweet Hondón.

Bodegas Hondón also has a variety of quality products such as oils, salted, hams, pickles, preserves, legumes, etc., and an excellent service of its staff who will advise their clients on any matter related to the wine culture of Hondón.

LOCATION / OPEN TIMES: Bodegas Hondón is located at Calle Joaquín Blume, 38. Open from 9 am to 2 pm and from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm, from Monday to Friday. Saturdays are open between 9 and 14 hours. Phone: 615 278 989.

La Finca Restaurant, La Montañosa Urb.

La Finca Montanosa

ARTICLE COPYRIGHT ©2016 by Hondon Villas:
The La Montañosa urbanisation boasts an excellent accommodation and social venue: “Hotel & Restaurant Finca La Montañosa” for accommodation, fine dining, drinks and entertainment. This old rustic farm house building is set central in this relatively new urban development, once a large almond grove. La Montanosa Urb. is located central to the two main and typical country villages of the Hondon Valley: namely Frailes and Nieves (about five minutes drive in either direction. (see Google map)

La Finca Montañosa has been lovingly restored and modernised by the owner and urb’ developer: Mi Casa Familie over the last decade. It retains its Spanish style with high ceilings, wooden decor’ and has various guest rooms, a large restaurant,  bar, wine cellar and games room. There is also a enclosed courtyard for functions.

Weddings and Social Events

The external gardens and courtyard are as equally pleasant for “al fresco” dining and musical events or fiestas. There is even a large fenced swimming pool for the guests to enjoy. There is both on-site parking or overflow into the quiet streets. (Always be mindful though that people do live quite close to the finca.)

The main restaurant hall is very large, spacious but retains a warmth and welcoming feel. So dinner guests have plenty of room to be seated and the bar is excellently located for indoor or outdoor service. On the many sunny and warm Hondón evenings that gentle valley breeze on the finca’s terrace works well with a vaso de vino blanco, gin y tonica or caña!

It has to be said that various managers “mine hosts” have attempted to make this a premier venue over the years and sadly this has not always been the case, despite a strong willingness from locals to attend the venue. Nevertheless, it still stands and begs to be, a great social focal point for the Hondón Valley and surrounding areas.

Hondon Valley Entertainment

As of writing (Oct’ 2016), the current management team seem to have set the bar higher and want to showcase both good food, a warm welcome and cultural entertainment. It’s early days, but they are testing the water with live music and dancing evenings, such as Flamenco, wine testing and romantic Spanish singers to compliment the Spanish and international menu. Being so large they can also cater for private functions, meetings and parties. Contact them for details.

Presently, La Finca Montanosa, is opening for weekends (Friday and Saturday) only during the “winter” months. Even though Hondón is not particularly a tourist area, the population does swell significantly in the summer months (holiday homes, relatives visiting friends and family) and of course the longer summer days beg late dinners and drinks outside. So a cautious approach to opening hours at this time makes sense. Not least because La Finca is set way back from the main Hondon road CV-845 and so it is not easy to spot. They have erected a large sign at the entrance of the La Montanosa Urb and signs along the way. It’s a local “secret” really.

Hondon Valley Finca

This really is a lovely place to visit and first timers always gasp at this hidden gem. So we should spread the word for them and encourage at least local patronage… so take a friend or two and book well in advance. We do suspect, however, that to survive long-term they need to attract customers from far and wide, those willing to make the journey for good food and music in pleasant surroundings.

We certainly hope and wish La Finca Montañosa success, as having an excellent, well run venue is both an asset to the locals and a tourist attraction for the Hondon Valley.

Address: Calle Ibi 1
La Montanosa Urb.
Hondón de las Nieves
03688 Alicante  (see Google map)

Facebook: @fincalamontanosa
Call: 639 424 704 / 608 941 663
Email: hotelrestaurantelamontanosa @

Hondon Valley Property AgentAUTHOR: This article ©2016 was brought to you by Hondon Villas, the local premier and award winning Estate Agent in the Hondon Valley. Hondon Villas can help you buy, sell or rent luxury villas on La Montanosa Urb, Frailes, Nieves and all surrounding areas. With over 30 years experience in real estate, a local office with mutli-lingual agents, we sell more villas than any other agent in the area. Our extensive network of online portals and collaborators, a call centre and central office ensures a faster route to property sales. Check out our website for testimonials and our professional property services. |

It’s Official, Spain is A Healthy Place to Live!

Healthy Meditterraen Diet

Great news for those that live here already or for you lovely people wanting to live in Spain.

The medical journal, Lancet, states that according to the European League Table, which is composed of data collected over a 20 year period, the healthiest place to live in Europe is Spain.

Maybe the Mediterranean diet, heavy on fruit, salads, fish and olive oil, is responsible for the low death rate from heart disease – Spain has the 3rd lowest level of years of life lost. It also does well on a number of cancers – pancreatic, prostate, breast and esophageal. Families still care for ailing relatives – taking daily meals to those in hospital is normal and premature deaths from falls are low.

We’ll drink to that! (a mineral water of course) 😉
> Source:

A Guide to the Hondón Valley

ARTICLE COPYRIGHT ©2016 Hondon Villas

Peaceful, friendly, warm and surrounded by beauty

The main two villages of Hondon de las Nieves and Hondon de los Frailes nest in the beautiful Hondon Valley. For decades they have grown an abundance of agricultural delights such as Grapes, Almonds and Olives (the main economy).

The Hondon Valley Urb.

Hondón is surrounded by an expanse of stunning mountain views and traditional arid Spanish countryside. These excellent vistas are a delight in all seasons! Take a walk or drive through the country roads and you will just marvel at the changing light, shadows and picturesque skies.

The Hondon Valley is well known for its mild climate and pleasant summer breezes, which is very welcoming in those hot summer months when temperatures rarely fall below 30 degrees. The region enjoys sunshine in excess of 310 days per year, where the air is very clean and the pace of life slow. Hondon offers a very peaceful and stress free life.

Come take a look at the Valley of the Vines, drink the local wine under the bluest of skies and feel the warmth of the Spanish sun on your face … and you’re hooked! We were! We love it!

Hondon’s Grapes & Almonds

The area is well known for its Grape Vines, Wine and Almond Groves. It is sometimes called ‘The Valley of the Vines’. For the ramblers the mountain climb / walks are a superb way of experiencing fresh air, exercise, rural Spain and incredible vistas.

The village of Hondon de las Nieves has a very attractive and newly renovated church on the hill. In the square (plaza) below and surrounding streets there are a number of small bars and restaurants, local bakers, butchers, a medical centre, dentist, iron mongers, chemist, banks, optician, solicitor, hairdressers, shoe shop, supermarkets, electrical goods suppliers, petrol station, a post office, school, and a 24 hour shop … all you need really. There is a general market twice a week and of course a few Wine Bodegas, please try the Bodegas Cerda (Outstanding!) for those very tasty and very inexpensive Spanish wines. The bars/diners are in the main plaza: Destiny’s, Bar Central, Bocadito Gourmet, La Font, Vamboo.

La Finca Restaurant

Lots of Traditional Spanish Fiestas

Many Fiestas are held in the village and the Spanish love to party, they also know how to do it well. One Fiesta in August which is a brilliant night is the Medieval Markets and Fiestas with costumed characters, music, stalls and games. At the end of the night there is a spectacular firework “Correfocs” display, which should not to be missed. The decorative street competitions take place which are very colourful, not to mention the amazing costumes worn by the whole family of adults and children.

Fiesta del Agua

Hondon & Surrounding Area:

There are many villages and towns to visit too many to list but all within 5 to 20 minutes drive, here are a few to give you a taster of the places to visit around the Hondon Valley.

Hondon de las Frailes is only a 5 minutes drive away, here you can find all local amenities including a private gym, a private Doctor, Physiotherapist, Town hall and a lovely church. Shops include a garden centre, ironmongers (DIY), butcher, grocers, tobacconist and a pet shop/vet + beauty salons. We have many bars and restaurants: Veintiocho (28), El Nuevo Valle, El Romero, La Buena Vida, El Condor, Bar Pepin and El Fogon – All recommended for al-fresco Tapas, daily meals and dinner or to just while away the hours!. We hear the breakfasts are excellent too! (which if you are Spanish might be just a strong coffee and a brandy.

Alguena only 15 minutes drive where a local Sunday market is well worth the visit as is the nearby ‘Marble Mountain’ that can be seen from the road into the village and is quite amazing.

Aspe, a larger town is approximately 15 minutes drive away with all main amenities available, a large supermarket and market day here is Tuesday and Thursday. This is a very busy place with quite a lot of buildings with character, a central park, a lovely church square and an indoor food market.

Elche is approximately 20 minutes drive and is known as the City of the Palms. It has lovely parks and as the name suggests 1000′s of palm trees almost everywhere! This is also the area where the shoe shops/outlets are in abundance… so if shoes are your thing you are sure to get some here. There is a large modern shopping centre called Al’ Jub with designer shops, children’s shops, jewellers and accessory shops, household shops, pet shops and of course more shoe shops! The centre houses a large food, electrical, clothes and fancy goods supermarket selling almost anything! If you are in need of a drink or a bite to eat then visit the food mall upstairs where there are with many choices of restaurants, bars and fast food bars + a cinema and bowling alley. So there’s plenty to do nearby.

Property Locations: Rural property for sale in Aspe, Elche, Novelda, Hondon de las Nieves, Hondon de los Frailes, Alicante, Costa Blanca South in Spain. Plus searching for Spanish property on La Montanosa Villas for Sale with a swimming pool and parking. Read the News, Weather, Properties and Holidays in Hondon. Wine Bodega in Hondon. Fiestas such as Medieval Market. HVLaMontanosaUrbValleyShot

Hondon Weather in Hondon de las Nieves

Spain: The weather in the hondon valley is mostly sunshine and warm. There are many properties to buy in hondon de las nieves and villas for rent. The urbanisation is called La Montañosa Hondón. You can view fincas, holiday cottages and luxury villas. There is car hire through Hondon-Rent-A-Car. We are part of the Costa Blanca South with new build and new development. Builders such as Gama, Contrimar, Conchitta Villas and others have property for sale. Many agents are based in the HONDON VALLEY selling homes, houses, villas and fincas.

Driving in Spain … Keep up-to-date!

Here on the Costa Blanca South the roads are generally very good and relatively jam free. As for the driving and parking here, well, that’s a common topic of (heated) debate, even if the debaters are bad drivers. There certainly are some eye-opening moments, especially at major roundabouts and junctions.

Guardia Trafico. Driving in Spain

Spain, especially on the Costas, have a myriad of foreign drivers and tourists who with the best will in the world will not know how to drive properly in Spain or understand the local laws or road system. Apparently the Spanish “Highway Code” is nearly 1000 pages long !!! Who can remember all that?

It can be said that sometimes even the Spanish drivers ignore or don’t know the rules! So the roads here can be a dangerous place or at least one fraught with problems and possible on-the-spot fines if you slip-up.

Of course. if you are from the UK you will have the added complication of driving on the right and if you hire or buy a Spanish plated car then you’ll also need to get used to the left-hand drive controls.

Know the Spanish Driving Rules & Legal Expectations

The laws, rules of the road and general driving etiquette might be foreign to you too. So, of course you’ll want to be prepared and up-to-date in terms of your vehicle road worthiness (MOT/ITV), importation of foreign cars, driving license requirements, speed restrictions, drink-driving, what to carry in your car and all the related laws. Note: Poor language skills, confusion or ignorance are rarely a defence if you are stopped by the police (Trafico).

To make matters worse the rules and laws change quite frequently here and the “bar-room Johnnies” and social media chit-chat will give you conflicting advice.

Thankfully there is lots of help points on-line for guidance and you can always go to your local Trafico Station for advice (take an interpretor just in case). And it’s BEST DONE as soon as possible.

On-line Help / Guides to Driving in Spain

  • DGT (Direccon de Gereral Trafico) : This is the official government site (in Spanish) on all things driving and laws. You can get up-to-date info’ on laws, traffic flow and speed cameras for your route.
  • N332 Road Website : The N332 is main coast road here on the Costa Blanca. The N332 has it’s own English language website with up-to-date road news, traffic forecasts and help. They also have a discussion page on Facebook if you need to ask a question.
  • RAC (UK): You can check the RAC’s website for helpful information on driving in Spain such as insurance, age groups, speed limits and important driving etiquette.
  • AutoExpress: A general help and support site for drivers with a handy check list when coming to Spain
  • Anglo Info: An expat help site that covers many things “living in Spain” as well as a large driving section.
  • Citizens Advice Bureau ES : Just like the same organisation in the UK this can help with and covers many topics, including driving in Spain. Their Facebook page acts as a bulletin board and a Q&A for members. You should join.