Beware of “We” in Hondon

We recently saw a sign from another agent in the area who claims “We are Hondon“… rather a bold and strange statement considering the agent is one-man band working from a car! And not sure how a one-man company can be a place. Still, maybe it’s a play on words or a marketing ploy to look bigger than he is? Or just beyond normal comprehension! Who knows, who cares? It’s service and experience that counts.

However, Hondon Villas are at least a “WE” agent… as WE employ local people and WE have an office in the Frailes High Street with more than one company member. Above all, WE are local and experienced people.

We have excellent local ties with the Town Hall, we insist you get 100% local independent legal advice, we know bespoke builders and architects, know the best tradesmen, bars, restaurants and shops. One client said we are the 4th emergency service in Hondon !! We are Hondon Villas.

Be careful of other so called “we” agents – check if they really are a “we” – ask where they were trained, what they did before. You’ll just have to hope they answer honestly as often they are really an “I” or simply collaborate with other many 3rd party agents who also run their businesses from a car and a mobile phone! (they will not tell you that and you’ll probably not know who you are dealing with or paying). Some don’t even live anywhere near here or know the Hondon Valley at all.

Q. So ask yourself,  how can they advise you? – Answer is they often fall short of knowledge and experience! Some have never been trained and just hopped on the Estate Agents Job Bus without a proper ticket!

Local knowledge makes a big difference when buying Hondon Property

Question: If an agent is not local how can they give you the best advice on local property rules, building regulations, about the area or tell you where the doctor is, the plumber, the shop times, the best bars or social groups?
Answer: THEY CAN’T !!  … Why? read below

A warm welcome from a Hondon Agent

Buying a house is not just “buying a house”… it’s about location, services, facilities, the people and the local “vibe”.

Hondon Villas are a local “WE” agent… We employ local people and We have an office in the Frailes High Street. We don’t collaborate unless We can give you the high level of local service you deserve when investing in the area. We try to use local tradespeople where possible to help the local economy.

Above all, We are local people with training and experience (over 30 years actually in Real Estate). We have excellent local ties with the Town Hall and translators. We offer you 100% independent legal advice through trusted partners. We know the best bespoke builders and architects here. We know the best tradesmen, bars, restaurants and shops. We can help you with your utilities and bank accounts …. the KNOWLEDGE list is longer.

So Hondon Villas don’t just sell you a house, never to be seen again … WE ACTUALLY CARE and WE GIVE YOU TIME!

HVOfficeLaunch06And PRESSURE SALES? What pressure… if you are not comfortable with your current agent … come to see us… there is NO comparison as we just don’t do pressure!

So be careful of other agents and their spiel who speak as “We”. Often he/she is “I”. Always check their credentials, ask if they are trained in real Estate and experienced as often they are not. Often they collaborate with other 3rd party agents and pass your data from pillar to post. They run their one-man businesses from a car and a mobile phone… Most don’t even live anywhere near here or know the Hondon Valley.

We are “Hondon Villas”… the clue is in the name. There are no others like us!
> Buy, Sell or Rent with the #1 AIPP agent in the Hondon Valley area.

Holy mackerel…the Mediterranean diet reduces ageing

New study sheds more light on benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

HV Editor: We agree on the whole! Except on weekends of course when G&Ts and patatas bravas are practically the law. LOL! And remember Hondon Nieves has a great market and al fresco vice on Saturday mornings in the Village Plaza 🙂

med-diet[source: AngloInfo]  To many expats the headline may seem like old but good news to those who already eat a Mediterranean diet, based on findings from years ago.

However, a new study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) this week, reinforces the previous findings that following a Mediterranean diet helps prevent or slow down ageing.

The health of about 5,000 nurses in the USA was followed with a controlled number placed on a Mediterranean diet for more than ten years. The nurses on the Mediterranean diet showed fewer signs of ageing than their counterparts on a ‘normal’ diet. Specifically, it seems that microscopic ‘caps’ called telomeres, which protect our genetic material as it divides, get shorter and less protective on a normal diet. Whereas on a Mediterranean diet, the nurses’ telomeres did not shorten as much; and they showed fewer signs of cell degradation, or ageing.

What is a Mediterranean diet? According to the BMJ it involves eating, “a high intake of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and grains; a high intake of olive oil but a low intake of saturated fats; a moderately high intake of fish; a low intake of dairy products, meat, and poultry; and a regular but moderate intake of alcohol (specifically wine with meals).

Three cheers for following the Mediterranean diet then.

One of the best places to find fresh food that fits the Mediterranean diet is at local markets (whether you live in the Med area or not). To find your closest local market, go ‘What’s On’ on your local AngloINFO site and then choose ‘Markets’ from the drop down menu.

» by AngloINFO World editor

#275: Hondon de los Frailes. Immaculate Villa with Pool

Frailes Villa For Sale #275

Key Property Points

Immaculate detached villa • Private, covered pool (10 x 5 m) • 3 double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes • 2 bathrooms • Lounge/dining room with feature fireplace • Fitted kitchen • Conservatory • Wooden chalet with en suite bathroom • Barbeque

Hondon Villas are pleased to offer for sale this immaculate detached villa with covered pool located in a popular area just outside the town. The property has 3 double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, 2 bathrooms, lounge/dining room with feature fireplace, fitted kitchen with breakfast bar, conservatory. Enclosed, low maintenance landscaped gardens with automatic entry system and small fruit orchard. Covered parking. Barbeque. A separate wooden chalet provides guest accommodation.

The CoastRider: Hondon Villas is a Sponsor

Each year the ExPat newspaper “CoastRider” runs and hosts the CoastRider Music Awards covering the Costa Blanca South in Spain. Various categories are voted for by the public through their weekly paper or online.

Sponsor for the Music Awards

Our very own Property Agent “Hondon Villas” in Hondon de los Frailes were proud to be a Sponsor of the event and Maureen and her team from Hondon Villas helped give out the awards to local artists in a lavish party in La Zenia. A great day out and some great musicians and artists entertained a packed crowd. The awards presentation was covered in the Coastrider (June 10th, Page 30), . Here is a picture (can you spot Maureen?)
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