Grapes and wine are part of Hondón’s Heritage

The Vinolopó area produces 40 million kilos of table grapes every year. The Hondon Valley is at the heart of this production … you will see acres and acres of land is dedicated to the grape (mainly for eating). It is a key employer of casual labour at bagging and harvest time. Of course the late harvest means some grapes are kept back for the New Year celebrations where locals, on the stroke of midnight try to down 12 grapes and sip cava with each chime of the town hall bell. Not easy we can tell you!

Grape Bagging in Hondon

Beyond Hondon other regions are producing wine grapes, Jumilla is one to note. Hondon de las Nieves has the outstanding Bodega Cerdas that would grace any city as both a building and as a historic reference to one of Spain’s key industries and culture. If you live or visit Hondon then you really should pay Bodega Cerdas a visit and purchase the local wine or take in a Tapas on the terrace.

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