Easter and Free Chocolate… Perfecto!

If you love chocolate or have children to entertain over the Santa Semana period we would recommend a delightful tour to the VALOR CHOCOLATE FACTORY & MUSEUM in Villajoyosa, off the N332 towards Benidorm (see their website).

Visit the chocolate factory in Villajoyosa

It is open 6 days a week (except bank holidays / festive breaks) the tour times are on the website. It is done in English & Spanish with free samples and big discounts in the factory shop!

Best go in the week as you will see the factory making a fantastic array of chocolates. DETAILS HERE: http://www.valor.es/en/museo-del-chocolate/

Don’t Get Mugged!

It's Tea Time!Time for tea? We had some HV Mugs done… Do you like them? They are limited editions so we may time share them!

Interestingly, when we Googled this, we found this page: “You’ve Been Mugged” (see the link) … Some of the mug designs on there are amazing? But we had to smile as some are modelled on famous characters or brands! We’d buy quite a few if we could but the snag is they’d be expensive to ship to España!

>> https://www.pinterest.com/helengthias/youve-been-mugged/