COVID-19 Crisis : Bouncing Back

Thanks to Dino T. on Facebook for the following article / a quick guide to managing this crisis, for workers, business owners and residents during this CoronaVirus 19 Lockdown in Spain. #keepsafe #stayathome #coronavirus


Coronavirus Covid 19. #stayathome in the Hondon Valley
Please keep yourself and others safe.

No. #1 Be positive – we know how hard it is to be positive at the moment, but the law of attraction means that the more positive we are, the better things start to turn out. Life will go on, we will make a success out of the changes, however long things may take.

Protect your future business – before closing down, consider using ERTEs to be able to temporarily lay off staff, you can then take them back on again when business gets back to normal. Claim your one-off benefit from the state and register for the social security moratorium. Stay in touch with your Gestoria about what else you could do. Contact your customers to re-assure them that you will be back soon. How can you strengthen your business in the future? Who can you collaborate with? What opportunities will all these changes bring? How can your business help other local businesses?

Mortgage break – Most banks are now offering a Government backed scheme to have a moratorium of up to 6 months, that could give you the space you need to get back on your feet. You may need help filling in the forms from your bank or Gestoria.

Sort your rent out – pay it if you are able, look into what help might be available, ask your landlord for a payment break. Do not bury your head in the sands, landlords will be more flexible if you stay in touch with them.

Make sure your paperwork is up to date – register when you can on the “padron” at the town hall, check that your residencia is still valid, make sure your tenancy contract is up to date. Without these things, you may struggle to get help from authorities.

Don’t worry if the ITV inspection of your car is overdue – the centres are closed, so you won´t be fined. But remember to book it in as soon as they re-open and don’t drive your car if it is not roadworthy or insured.

Look after your physical and mental health and those around you – eating a balanced healthy diet, control your drinking, get some exercise, sing in the shower, share your problems, do deep breathing exercises, take up yoga, sleep regular timetables, leave your mobiles before bed, spend time with your children or pets.

Don’t worry about things that are out of your control. Read the news, but don’t obsess about it. Don’t get ill – things will seem worse if you get infected. Stay home unless essential. Don’t take risks with your health and those living in your household. When you do go out, use gloves and hand sanitizer, stay 2 metres away from people.

Coronavirus Covid 19, selfie with the Mona Lisa.

Check what benefits might be available – some new benefits are becoming available for those who don’t have the right to “paro” (unemployment). Find help if you don’t understand what you are reading. Consider what other employment or self- employment options may exist after the return.

Talk to Citizens Advice Bureau Spain about your problems and read their regular posts about benefits, tax, residency, etc… don’t ask on general sites because people may not know and inadvertently give you incorrect advice. Here is their excellent website.

Respect the workers – don’t get mad with health workers, town hall employees, supermarket workers, police. Instead thank them for their work and do everything you can to make their work easier and safer.

Focus on priorities – make an action plan and do something positive every day. Don’t ignore anything, be aware of what you need to do and when.

Prepare for the future you want – consider what kind of future you want, what would be your ideal work / business? Use the lockdown time to research your plans, making plans for the future will make you feel stronger.

Consider releasing monies that are tied up in savings plans and private pensions, but check if there are any penalties or tax disadvantages in doing so Consider renting out a room in your home to share expenses.

Share your experiences – how did you cope? Did you manage to get help from Social Security or the Tax Office? Share your experiences and help others. We are all in this together.

Show you care – call your closest friends, listen to their problems too, they are also suffering, remember that ¨a problem shared is a problem halved¨. Do something kind for friends and neighbours, it will also make you feel better.

Sell your stuff – when the lockdown ends, could you sell some of your valuable belongings? Maybe trade down your car for a cheaper model.

Consider going home – if you have exhausted all your options, be open to the idea of returning to your home country, especially if employment or business options will be brighter there. It is not failure, it is recognising when the time is right to do something different and moving on.

This article was first written and published b Dino Trubbianelli c2020 on Facebook. Please support his website “Visit Albir”.