Sold Sold Sold! Villas in the Hondón Valley

We sell property in the Hondón Valley. And we sell more houses in this area than any other agent. We’ve lived and worked in the area for about 15 years… that longevity and experience is for you to take advantage of.
Please let us help you buy or sell your Hondón Home. :-)

Selling houses and villas in the Hondon Valley for years.

++ Every year so far we have beat the previous year’s sales figures.
++ Thank you for your support and please if you care about keeping local businesses alive
++ Over 1.8 million website views since we started!
++ We also know we sell more homes than any other agent in the area.
++ This graphic attached might illustrate our success a little
(click to see in full – actually there are more, we just couldn’t fit them on).
++ We are honoured to have served so many people and lasted so long

Pop-in to our Hondon de los Frailes office (Main plaza) or visit our website for all contact points and the latest property for sale :
Thanks Again : The Hondon Villas Team.