The Special Hondon Valley

[Copyright HV2014] The Hondon Valley is a special place to the people who live and holiday here. And it’s not hard to see why… with miles and miles of fertile land growing juicy grapes, tasty almonds, salty olives, spring onions and a mega selection of vegetables and fruit. The locals have relied on the land for their living. And of course many visitors and residents love to drive or walk through the valley and admire the panoramic mountain views. Add to that, the guaranteed 310+ days of glorious sunshine and the combination is a winner!

Grape Bagging in Hondon

Hondon is one of those ‘in-the-know’ secrets that brings a small influx of like-minded people to the area. Those that relish the simple al fresco lifestyle, small typical Spanish villages, the slow pace (no Sunday opening here, thanks) and the friendly community minded culture. It’s a great place to chill. Many foreigners retire here.

The summer is alive in the valley with Fiestas, concerts, special events and markets. The fiestas in particular are legendary. It would be a crime not to attend a few fiestas each year. It’s what makes the Spanish happy and brings out their family and religious values. Every village, town or city in the Hondon area has a program of events throughout the year to bring the community together. I have not tried to, but I suspect it would be possible to attend a fiesta or special event every week of the year over the Costs Blanca if you cared to!

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Despite its very rural location, the Hondon Valley affords all the amenities you will need within 15 /30 minutes drive. Yes we have the usual village shops, bakers, butchers, wine merchants and supermarkets in the villages you will also find gyms, sports centres, spas, shopping malls, DIY shops, electrical goods, cinema, superstores, football stadiums, bull rings, theme parks, water parks, chocolate factory, riding schools, museums, etc… within easy driving range. You will not miss much here.

A warm welcome from a Hondon Agent

Over the last 10 years the Valencian Government has encouraged foreign investment in property. This is much needed in a region that relies heavily of tourism. This in turn leads to many foreigners, mainly northern Europeans looking for the Spanish sun, living here permanently. Hondon has also been touched by foreign investment. It is said that the area needed this in order to grow and build the mainly farmer / builder community, it’s infrastructure and develop urban land.

So now we have a quite diverse ‘goody bag’ of nationalities in the Hondon Valley… including Brits, Dutch, Belgium, French, Russian, German and Scandinavian… I think I spotted a few Italians and an Australian couple too! All these people came to live because they saw something special. We like to call it peace and quiet (but with a few rowdy nights) but on the whole the life here is pretty stress free, easy and healthy if you care to embrace it. Most do, thankfully.

Yes Spain in these austere times have many problems with funding, unemployment and social unrest but you’d be hard to spot this in the Valley where life here meanders on and lets face it, it’s too hot to be getting upset with things. Just chill on the terrace with your favourite tipple (mine’s a G&T thanks) and listen to the chirp of the birds, the wind swooning through the trees or just be hypnotised by the ‘quiet’. Or go pick a lemon off your own tree or visit the local Taparia …

Smile your in valley. So yes take it easy in the Hondon Valley… it’s not going anywhere fast. What’s the rush? Everyday can be like a holiday if you want it to be … and the washing?  As the Spanish say “Manaña, Manaña”.

Cheers or as they say in this part of the world “Salud”