Spring Forward … March & April Flowers!

We at Hondon Villas are no green fingered experts but you can’t help but notice that Spring (Primavera) in the Hondon Valley is quite wonderful in the gardens and countryside.

After the winter harvest of grapes, clementines, oranges and lemons, February & March sees the valley full of pink and purple almond blossom. Which with the late winter winds fall like snow flakes to make way for March/April when the grape vines are starting to bud with vibrant green leaves.

The pomegranate trees show the bright red flower to later turn to fruit. The thyme and rosemary herbs are in abundance with a small purple / blue flower and just smell delightful.

It’s our favourite time of year in the Hondon Valley as the temperature is more conducive to working or outdoor leisure activities. Yes the nights can still be a little chilly with the valley wind and the rain we get this time of year but it’s more favourable to the searing heat of July and August.