Realistic Prices on Hondon Homes

Thumbnail for 459As much as it hurts, in the current market, sellers still have to be realistic about the price they want for their property in Spain. Many people have too great an expectation of their property value. In general houses for sale in the Hondon area have sold for well below their original sale price if they were bought in the boom/pre-2008 (the crash).

Whilst Hondon Property Sales are definitely on the up, figures such as 40% below pre-crash values are now common. Not great news if you are selling! It’s a buyer’s market right now. And supply is larger than demand in many areas of the Costas, pushing prices down even further. But most expert reports think this has trend has now bottomed and a slow recovery is now happening.

The property portal Kyero keeps tabs on many of the official property indicators and housing data on their blog. They have just reported the news that house prices on the whole are fairly stable now. Read their page as often they do contradict but it might help you when valuing your own house. And do comparisons with similar property in your area. Remember, though that these reports usually talk in averages. The hard truth though is that the property market usually dictates the average exchange so what we want for a house is not always what we get.

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> SEE HERE> KYERO “Spanish House Prices Have Fallen by 41.4% Since 2007” ARTICLE