The “Pelicano” and the Almonds

The Good Life in Hondon – Almond Harvest:

If you already live in the Hondon Valley, then you will know that we are surrounded with acres and acres of agricultural delights such as almonds, olives, grapes and many market garden vegetables. Delicious ! … read more below the video …

Well the local farmers are already (End of August/ September) harvesting the almonds in the area. Many of the small farms are still using the labour intensive net & sticks method to collect the tasty nuts we all love.

But more often these days the bigger farms hire a team equipped with tractors and the “Pelicano” attachment to shake the tree of it’s riches!

If you haven’t seen this “Tree Shaker” gadget we were lucky enough to briefly video them nearby. How quick are they?

You’ll see the tractor attachment can back-up to the almond tree, clasp its large hopper around the trunk and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE !!! Then empty its lovely bounty into the nearby containers. Easy and efficient.

It sure beats the old net and stick method!