We Love “Place In The Sun”

Who is your favourite A Place In The Sun presenter? Laura was recently in the area and Jasmine came to the area last year. We think they are all great but our all-time favourite is Amanda Lamb.

So how many of you were seduced and convinced to make the dream move abroad by programs like A Place In The Sun? We were and many British clients we encounter often talk of TV programs like this being a key factor to ignite their passion to live in Spain.

There has been nearly 2000 A Place in the Sun TV programmes made and broadcast in the UK over the last 18 years, with over half of these made about Spanish property. Of course, daytime TV repeats these episodes many times. But clients tell us they love watching it and it does help them in their quest for a Spanish property.

As featured on TV!

And you’ll remember that APITS was recently in the Hondon area and have been before. Jane and Nigel recently bought a B&B through Hondon Villas, were featured in another Channel 4 TV series about moving abroad.

That program and the spin-offs or clones are an integral part of the UK/Spanish property market. So we love it and long may it continue.