Hondón Villas in Nieves…

A few people have enquired if our office in Nieves is closed now… here is our response:

 Office: Hondon Villas Real Estate
  • The main Hondón Villas Office will continue to be in the main Frailes Plaza (Next to 28 Restaurant). Having had continued success there, we are looking to improve this facility over the next 6 months.
  • Now, having test-run a second office in Nieves for a year at a very low-cost lease we have struggled to staff this new office as we would have liked, due to being so busy in the-field, holiday cover and staff illness. However it more than paid for itself and we are pleased we tried the location whilst we had the chance. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
  • However, we now feel our resources and marketing budget is better spent improving the Hondón de los Frailes office as it is by far the most buoyant plaza of the two villages. Footfall is always good in Frailes.
  • Our Nieves landlord had another service provider interested so we have agreed to let it go and move forward with the Frailes office. Hence, Hondón Villas are no longer using this Nieves office for real estate.
  • Of course we appreciate and thank you as always for supporting all local businesses and Hondón Villas SL as you have for many years now. We hope to be here for a lot longer… so we Hondón Traders need your custom!
    Maureen Cook and the Team

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