Local knowledge counts when buying Hondon Property

Question: If an agent is not local how can they give you the best advice on local property rules, building regulations, about the area or tell you where the doctor is, the plumber, the shop times, the best bars or social groups?
Answer: THEY CAN’T !!  … Why? read below

A warm welcome from a Hondon Agent

Buying a house is not just “buying a house”. It is about location, services, facilities, the people and the local “vibe”.

Hondon Villas are a local “WE” agent…When we say WE we are more than one. Other agents are one and operate from a mobile and car. We have a real office.

We employ local people and We have an office in the Frailes High Street. We don’t collaborate unless We can give you the high level of local service you deserve when investing in the area. We try to use local tradespeople where possible to help the local economy.

Above all, We are local people with training and experience (over 30 years actually in Real Estate). We have excellent local ties with the Town Hall and translators. We offer you 100% independent legal advice through trusted partners. We know the best bespoke builders and architects here. We know the best tradesmen, bars, restaurants and shops. We can help you with your utilities and bank accounts …. the KNOWLEDGE list is longer.

So Hondon Villas don’t just sell you a house, never to be seen again … WE ACTUALLY CARE and WE GIVE YOU TIME!

HVOfficeLaunch06And PRESSURE SALES? What pressure… if you are not comfortable with your current agent … come to see us… there is NO comparison as we just don’t do pressure!

So be careful of other agents and their spiel who speak as “We”. Often he/she is “I”. Always check their credentials, ask if they are trained in real Estate and experienced as often they are not. Often they collaborate with other 3rd party agents and pass your data from pillar to post. They run their one-man businesses from a car and a mobile phone… Most don’t even live anywhere near here or know the Hondon Valley.

We are “Hondon Villas”… the clue is in the name. There are no others like us!
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