Summer is coming … Fiesta Season!

Are you ready? … June , July and August in the Hondóns are for parades, dancing, puppets, firework mayhem, medieval markets, water fights, “Moors & Christians”, fairgrounds, bike rides, treasure hunts, concerts, street parties …. and much more!

Summer Fiestas in Hondón

The summer is here, after what was not such a good winter or spring in the Hondón areas (for a change). And summer means “more life” in this sleepy rural community. It’s time the Spanish shine with lots of family get-togethers, celebrations and the inevitable fireworks…. smell the gunpowder!

Well the municipal garden flowers and surrounding mountains are full of growth and beauty, the farmer’s crops look great after more rain than normal and there is a buzz that summer is going to be good. The children are away from school now so there is much more family activity in the villages.

Of course it’s not Spain without the summer Fiestas and community events. The local Town Halls are sprucing up the streets and municipal venues for these fun events. The plazas of Nieves and Frailes are gearing up for the parties, even more “al fresco” dining and the throng of visiting family & tourists. It’s great so find out when they are and if you can GO!

» Euro Tour Guide have a Events Calendar here.
» Ayuntimiento Nieves / Ayuntimiento Frailes / Ayuntimiento Aspe

Over the years the town halls are not so good at the P.R. of these events but are now taking to websites and social media to get the word out. So details are usually sketchy or hard to find. There is no one online resource to get a timetable but programmes are available from the respective town halls or their websites / Facebook Pages.

There are events for all ages during the day but mainly in the evenings. The larger ones tend to be evenings when it is cooler, more people can attend and often start very late… so have a siesta before the fiesta!

We would strongly recommend you look the events up, book a table early if needs be as they are generally very good, lots of fun and you are seeing that the Spanish love life and a family get-together. Join in!

Video: Hondon TV produced this if the very popular CorreFocs…

Alicante: The Bonfires of San Juan

The madness and spectacular statues, Ninots and Bonfires of San Juan in Alicante is on-going during June. The parades, sculptures and fireworks are amazing so always worth a visit day (more sedate) or night (as long as you don’t mind fire!). there’s plenty to se, eat, drink and be merry about.

» More information and the official Guide and Timetable from the Alicante Tourist website.

Here is just a glimpse of what to expect of the “Bonfires of San Juan” ….

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Indeed over the years I like to think of Mo has our friend and then our estate agent! So, if you want an estate agent that puts the needs of clients first don’t hesitate to put your trust in Hondon Villas, you won’t go wrong! –  Sharon Buckley

Such excellent professional service . And always with a smile!
We would not have found our beautiful home if it had not been for Maureen. We can’t thank her and her team enough for the pre, during and after sales service we received. We would highly recommend Hondon Villas Estate Agent to anyone looking to buy in the Hondon Valley! – Jane Delonga

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Hondon Nature Trail “FondóVerd Biofestival”

Published 30/05/2018 by

On 9th and 10th of June, the FondóVerd ecological festival arrives in Hondon de las Nieves. Its uniqueness lies in remaining 100% with nature, so if you feel like it, you can sleep under the sky of the municipality!

» Connect with nature at the FondóVerd Biofestival

FondóVerd Biofestival

¿Qué es FondóVerd?Es un festival familiar, pluralista e inclusivo que cree que con gestos fáciles se está cambiando el mundo.¿A quien va dirigido? Se invitará a familias, emprendedores, organizaciones y personas que con sus acciones están generando cambios sociales positivos, resolviendo problemáticas medioambientales y trabajando para hacer del mundo un lugar mejor. ¿Donde?El municio de Hondón de las Nieves se asienta en un pequeño valle de la comarca del Medio Vinalopó, en el interior de la provicia de Alicante a 35km de la capital. El valle cuenta a pie de municipio la magnífica sierra de Crevillente con su frondosa umbría poblada de pinar.El recinto “FONDÓVERD” de 5000m2,centrará todas las actividades al aire libre, en contacto directo con la naturaleza y ACAMPADA AL AIRE LIBRE.Todos los productos en éste punto será 100% naturales y/o ecológicos. Las bebidas excepto el día que se designe como degustación de producto ecológico serán 0%alcohol.El biofestival FondóVerd, es un proyecto que nace de la idea de demostrar la ecológia y la biodiversidad como punto importante de nuestro municipio.

Posted by FondóVerd on Monday, 7 May 2018

You can wander in the surrounding area of “El Fondó de les Neus” (Hondón de las Nieves) and enjoy landscapes of olive trees, pines, almonds and vines. Its exquisite grape is included in the Denomination of Origin Uva de Mesa Embolsada del Vinalopó (table grapes). In addition, the sites of La Cuesta or La Cruz and the archaeological site of the Cueva del Royo can be some of the points to visit in the municipality. Do you want to come?

FondóVerd Biofestival is a family festival, pluralistic and inclusive that will take place in the municipality of El Fondó de les Neus (Alicante) on June 9th and 10th. You will have two days ahead immersed in nature waiting for you,where we can join in a multitude of activities.The idea is to make you awareness of the powerful simple gestures we can do to solve environmental problems.

This festival is very peculiar because it has marked as its objective that you are in permanent connection with the natural environment. Therefore, from the organization they offer us the possibility of free camping to enjoy the environment to the fullest and enjoy the night with the starry sky and an ideal temperature.

What else have they planned? Farms with animals, cycling route with provisioning and prizes, puppets, live music, ecological menus, craft market … In addition, as it is an event related to biodiversity, we would learn some useful things to care for our environment. Energy, waste treatment, food, mobility, reuse/recycle, use of local, season products, and much more. Will you help making the world a better place?

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I like the Hondon Area because…

We asked our Facebook Group “What’s On Hondon” why they liked to live or visit the Hondon Valley… here are some of the answers. ©Hondon Villas 2018

Kathryn says … “I love the laid back attitude along with the peace and quiet of a small Spanish village. Being surrounded by mountains is my favourite thing, it is so relaxing :)”  ||| read more below …

Hondon: Tranquility, Beauty and Warmth

Joan : It’s our little piece of Heaven on Earth – our little bit of Paradise ❤❤❤

Mia : Nice people, nice places around, good entertainment. I hope to live there soon.

Pamela : I luv living there. No regrets!

Janni : The weather is sublime. The Spanish are so welcoming and kind. The mountains are stunning and we have Hondon de los Frailes nearby with fab restaurants and a wonderful community of Brits, Dutch and other nationalities. There are many social activities and the coast is not far away. We feel lucky to have found the Hondon Valley.

Christopher : Yes a nice place with nice people. But the Indians in the hill are a pain when coming over the mountains, their arrows took out 2 of my tyres last week lol !!

Toni : It’s my little piece of paradise!

Sabrina : I love living in Hondon because it’s a tight community, friendly and beautiful. I am so glad I get to raise my children here! (And that’s from someone who didn’t want to move here! )

Helen : I love living here, who wouldn’t? It is one of the healthiest places around. It’s a laid back friendly area and ideally situated to visit the coast 😃

Duncan : I love it here. We have great friends. The panoramic views of the mountain’s never let you down, it’s a delight to get up in a morning!

Adele : Travelled around a lot and this is our 36th house! We have lived here 12 years…. so far so good.

Percy : It has been said Paradise! In seventeen years we have watched this beautiful place grow from an old Spanish village to an old Spanish village with modern amenities. There are good eateries and friendly people with a weather which is also friendly…most of the time!

Andre : It’s my paradise with nice warm people living here. English Dutch & Belguique and Spanish

Irene : When ever I am there I look at the views and never fail to be impressed. All my visitors from London adore the time they spend in Hondon. It is a little bit of paradise.

Roy : We just love it here! We are living the dream, second best to paradise x


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Semana Santa 2018 Elche

Easter in Spain is a very special time.  Your local city or town will have some kind of festival, mostly religious. The parades are amazing, some solemn and very serious but others colourful and joyous. You should see them. YouTube has many Semana Santa videos to watch, including Elche and Alicante, the nearest cities to the Hondon Valley.

Over the Easter period, thirty one brotherhoods made up of about 7,000 devotees participate in Elche’s Holy Week processions. They organise and enact 33 processions starting on the morning of Palm Sunday and concluding on Resurrection Sunday. There are parades, beautiful floats, ceremonies, drum bands, music and food. Many many children dress up and march too. 100,000’s of people attend to make a great atmosphere.

» Check the Elche Tourist website.

The procession of Palm Sunday was declared of International Tourist Interest on July 22, 1997.

Palm Sunday and dates back to 15th century with the foundation of the religious brotherhood known as La Cofradía de la Sangre de Cristo. The Municipal Council of Elche agreed to allocate the celebration to include processions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday following. It’s a long one!

Elche Semana Santa
Elche Semana Santa Procession (Costa Blanca Org)

Cristo Nazareno (Christ of Nazareth) can be seen carried in the “Passion of Christ” parade on Good Friday. Also the festival goers will see images of Our Lady known as the La Virgen de la Soledad. Elche’s main cathedral of Santa Maria is a focal point of course. The city looks great and welcomes tourists.

The white palms procession on Palm Sunday has its origins in Jerusalem, where it was celebrated as a reminder of the triumphal entry of The Lord into the Holy City.  During the Middle Ages this procession acquired great importance occupying the centre of the celebration with white palm also introduced into the procession of bouquets. it is also the custom to hang blessed palms on people’s balconies of  Elche. This custom is a symbol of protection of the house, as the palm has been blessed.

Also, you can visit the “Mercado de Palma Blanca”, and other attractions, bars, restaurants in the week before and after Palm Sunday. Enjoy a day in Elche over Easter… it’s a real treat into Spanish culture and family life.

Hondon… The Good Life: Part 1 Natural Beauty

Peaceful, Friendly, Warm and surrounded by Scenic Beauty.

The main two villages of Hondon de las Nieves and Hondon de los Frailes nest in the beautiful Hondon Valley. For decades they have grown an abundance of agricultural delights such as Grapes, Almonds and Olives (the main economy).

Hondon’s Grapes & Almonds

The area is well known for its Grape Vines, Wine and Almond Groves. It is sometimes called ‘The Valley of the Vines’. For the ramblers the mountain climb / walks are a superb way of experiencing fresh air, exercise, rural Spain and incredible vistas.

Hondon is surrounded by an expanse of stunning mountain views and traditional arid Spanish countryside. These excellent vistas are a delight in all seasons! Take a walk or drive through the country roads and you will just marvel at the changing light, shadows and picturesque skies.

The Hondon Valley is well known for its mild climate and pleasant summer breezes, which is very welcoming in those hot summer months when temperatures rarely fall below 30 degrees. The region enjoys sunshine in excess of 310 days per year, where the air is very clean and the pace of life slow. Hondon offers a very peaceful and stress free life.

Come take a look at the Valley of the Vines, drink the local wine under the bluest of skies and feel the warmth of the Spanish sun on your face … and you’re hooked! We were! We love it!

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