Brits Wanting to Live in Spain… Be Ready!

Approx’ 1 million Brits are living in Spain. We love it! Which means it is very doable and most of the headaches or hurdles have been conquered by those that have taken the plunge already. Good news indeed for new foreign workers and overseas home owners to this lovely part of Europe.

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Hondon Villas can help of course and we have good connections and contacts who will assist you with legal paperwork, language, lifestyle, utilities, moving in and beyond. Let us know… 100% well be able to guide you for our geographical area. Our AIPP membership makes us duty bound to give you good, well meaning and honest info’ .

Get the Knowledge First:
Of course there is lots to know and learn about the differences from one country to another. Spain has many, especially around property, work, legalities and culture. So, if you are thinking of coming here, then the more preparation and research you do before hand will help relieve the stress of your important life changing decision. Indeed, good knowledge will save you valuable time and possible minimise the costs you’ll incur to be here. Get wise and read up.

Speaking Spanish:
Of course knowing the language is going to help a lot. It’ll speed things up and you’ll feel more in control. Having said that most foreigners in our area DO NOT speak Spanish so well and rely on interpreters but most lawyers and agents communicate in English in this area, such is the demand. You’ll get by but learning Spanish will help you integrate more.

Government Help:
Both the Spanish and UK Governments have online help, official channels, consulates and experts in various fields to help along your journey. You’ll need to know how to change residency and register for health services or tax. The good news is, in Spain for a relatively small charge there are Gestors / Lawyers and Accountants that can help with all this.
> UK Gov “Living Abroad”
> UK Gov “Living In Spain”
> Citizen Advice Bureau, Spain

Property Buyer’s Guides:
Many real estate agents and well-known portals, like A Place in the Sun have property buyer’s guides that can be downloaded and read online. The AIPP/AIPO have your interests at heart and provide a list of approved agents and many useful downloads on property overseas. They also offer some FREE legal Advice.
> AIPO Website
> A Place in The Sun website (Buying, currency, legal, mortgages, viewing trips, tax)
> Righmove Overseas Buyer’s Guide

Property Exhibitions:
If you prefer to talk face-to-face, then before you buy or even come over to Spain, you could attend Property Shows and Trade Exhibitions, etc to meet experts and advisors. The large UK venues like Olympia, NEC, ExCel, etc are a good place to start. There are still some UK agents offering Inspection Tours (3~5 day trips to look at areas and houses).

Check you local press or search online for these exhibitions near you, they can really help fire you up to an overseas move and put your mind at rest that there is lots of help out there. You’ll be able to get specific advice rather than generic help online, by emailing or calling your questions to agents, lawyers, tax experts, employment agencies, etc. So make a list of concerns or questions pertaining to your circumstances and then find the expert you need to get answers.

Interact with Online Blogs, Groups and Social Media:
Up-to-date information is key as Spain does tend to change rules and laws around property and its related topics. There are lots of social media groups to ask Expats or experts about the areas you are interested in. We run the “Hondon What’s On” page, our own Hondón property Facebook page and have a Hondon Villas Blog. But find one that suits you where you can interact with people already living in the area. It’s worth the time and effort.

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Read Books and Magazines:
There are also plenty of paperback books on life in Spain, buying or investing in Spanish Property available on Amazon or other eBook formats. Book stores will have some or can order them for you. Make sure they are up-to-date though.

One of the most popular monthly magazines on overseas property is the A Place in the Sun magazine. Well worth it for buying tips, hot properties and locational info’. You can buy this in newsagents or order online to be delivered to your door.
> Amazon UK : Books on Buying Property In Spain

If you need to ask us a question or are concerned about buying property in the Hondon Valley area, in any way here are the main points of contact.
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